Homeopathy works on the principal of Like cures Like. It works to stimulate body’s own healing mechanisms. The skin is the body’s largest organ weighing approx. 4 kg in an average healthy person. Its functions include- protection against chemicals, radiation, disease causing microbes,warmong us, preventing us from dryness and most common, the sensation of touch. A full analysis of one’s body is done before prescribing any medicine. In homeopathy, every individual is different and reacts differently to each medicine.

Few common skin ailments include

Eczema- It is an inflammatory condition of the skin where patches of skin become red, inflamed and itchy. The affected areas may also be covered in small, fluid-filled blisters.

Psoriasis- This also involves reddened areas of skin covered in large, adherent silvery scales. Patches may appear on knees, elbows, lower back, scalp or might be scattered.

Eczema and Psoriasis have the similar medicines due to their nature of commonality. The three medicines are: Arsenicum album, Graphites and Sulphur but when given we need to look at person as a whole and not just the skin.

Acne- Usually teenagers have common acne issues and it can cause huge emotional distress at an age when teens are highly self-conscious. It can also be present in other age groups. It is linked to androgens (male sex hormones) present in both boys and girls. It mostly affects the face but may also appear on other areas like the upper back, chest, shoulders or neck. It is caused by the overproduction of natural grease called sebum, which is secreted by glands in the skin. 

The two medicines for its cure are- Sulphur and Silica.

Skin Burns- Anyone can face a tough time in his life if accidently the skin gets burned. Medicine Cantharis is used to treat upto 2nd and 3rddegree burns or other skin conditions that resemble burns. Its also helpful in curing sunburn, blisters, skin eruptions and insect bites.

Dry Skin- Graphites andThujaOccidentalis are best suited to cure dry skin issues.