xification is a process of removing toxic substances from living organisms including the human body. It is also called the period during which the living organism comes to its original form from addictive form.

Benefits of detoxifying your body:

  1. Get rid of excess waste
  2. Boosts your energy
  3. Strengthens your immune system
  4. Improves your respiration process
  5. Reduces weight

Majority of detoxification of your body is carried out by 4 systems:

  1. Digestive
  2. Respiratory
  3. Urinary
  4. Dermal

Any disturbance in these four systems results in serious illness.

Detox diet plan:

  1. Start with a 3-5 day juice fast. Have only fresh vegetables and fresh fruit juice.
  2. Eliminate alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, refined sugar.
  3. Drink plenty of water.
  4. Eat high organic fiber fruits and vegetables.
  5. Take vitamin C.
  6. Practice deep breathing exercise for 10 minutes a day.
  7. Take a contrast shower.
  8. Use a homeopathic detox for atleast 3 weeks to eliminate the toxins from your body and refresh your immune system.

When to detox


  1. After a period of poor eating habits.
  2. After exposure to environmental pollutants.
  3. To help clear up yeast, fungal, viral or bacterial infection.
  4. To support a weight loose plan.
  5. After a root canal treatment.
  6. Two times a year as part of your wellness program.

It is important that you continue with the detox and not take any conventional drugs for these symptoms. After the elimination process is done successfully, most people experience an increased feeling of general well-being and they gradually return to a normal diet.

Homeopathic in detoxification process

Homeopathy helps in maintaining the proper functioning and balance of these four systems. It is gentle, natural and one of the safest ways of removing toxins. Homeopathic offers great support in detoxification process to eliminate the substances from body of organisms. The Homeopathic approach believes that the human body is disturbed by poor diet, environment toxins, consumption of chemicals in food and meal. Homeopathic remedies reinforce the body’s natural ability to remove toxins and waste by product without harmful side effects. Homeopathic is different from other treatments because of the nature of homeopathic methodology. In homeopathic treatment, all ingredients are used in proper amount. Homeopathic support in detox process aids in releasing the toxins into the blood stream to remove blood blockages. The most important thing about it is that it allows for rebuilding and strengthening the immune system. There are two types of remedies for detoxifying which are constitutional and organ specific.

In constitutional remedy, the whole body is examined and after that a remedy is selected after extensive study. The constitutional remedy may be alone is all to repair, clean and restore every part of body. Organ specific remedy is about to examine a specific organ or supporting system.

Homeopathic remedies for treating detoxification are as follows:

  1. Detox kidney oral drops
  2. Detox liver oil drops
  3. Double helix water
  4. Detox lymph oral drops
  5. Body anew cleanse multipack oral drops